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Heidenau 300J-12 Road Tyre Tubed K38 (47J)

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Heidenau 300J-12 Road Tyre Tubed K38 (47J)

Great handling Wet or Dry

The K38 modern rubber and construct make for a tyre that preforms beyond it’s classic looks.

The best option for classic scooters.

With a tread design that’s a dead ringer for the Italian tyre that came on most vintage scooters when they were new.

Made to fit item specified.

Made by one of the large manufacturers.

We supply to trade and retail,

The price in no way reflects the quality of the parts, just the volume we buy and sell.

We always advise checking before purchase.


If you have a question please ask.

All items listed are for UK Spec models, unless otherwise stated.

The product sold must be fitted by a qualified motorcycle mechanic in accordance with the original motorcycle manufacturer.


Country Of Manufacture.
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